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are you a normal person an indigo  crystal or Rainbw child   quiz. Take this quiz if u wannan know wich  quot  type  quot  of person you are   in the spiritual way   if u don t know what indigo  crystla and rainbow chilren are  go on google  lt         BTW  the outcome is not right at       it is just more likely  And can u guyz please post ur outcome  just wanna know   Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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are you a normal person an indigo, crystal or Rainbw child ?
Take this quiz if u wannan know wich " type " of person you are , in the spiritual way , if u don't know what indigo, crystla and rainbow chilren are, go on google <3 ^^ ! BTW, the outcome is not right at 100%, it is just more likely. And can u guyz please post ur outcome, just wanna know ^^

1. Look at the picture, What do you see ?
An animal
red, blue, purple, yellow...much colors
Whoa, a lot of things !
2. Look at the picture, how do you react ?
It`s a very nice view !
So much trees...and look at the rainbow!
It`s beautiful ! i`d like to go there.
Look at the water ! and the rainbow makes it look even more beautiful !
It`s nice, but i don`t think i`d like to go there
3. Look at the picture, how do you react ?
" Humans are so smart, they created all of this by themself!"
" i don`t like this picture, it angers me."
" That`s a normal picture, there`s nothing special about it"
" This is a nice picture "
4. Do you ever feel like you`ve been some place before, even though it`s your first time visiting?
Yes, it happens oftenly
it can happen sometimes
no, never
5. From a young age, you`ve been drawn to the unexplained and paranormal.
false, i don`t believe in that stuff
True ( 11 yrs - 18 yrs)
Very true ( 10 yrs - 0 yrs )
not so true ( 19 yrs - more )
6. People who see you for the 1st time tend to notice...
Your smile
Your eyes
Your beautiful hair
your peaceful vibe
Everything! you look so good!
you`re relaxed vibe
7. People you know tend to say...
" You`re so cool, that`s why i like you so much ! "
" You`re funny, naive and hyper but i like your humor and your kindness"
" You`re so cold...and distant "
" you`re amazing !"
" You`re weird yet mysterious..."
" You`re crazy ! "
" I don`t like you "
8. Wich element do you prefer ?
I don`t have a preference, i love all of them all!
I don`t like any of them
9. At your best you`re...
Forgiving, relaxed, kind, advicing, happy, easygoing, sociable
Funny, calm, happy, witty, sarcastic and kind
Energetic, daring, humorious, curious, sensitive, forgiving, creative, advicing
Strong, helpfull, empathetic, relaxed, serious, advicing, imaginative
10. At your worse you are...
Angry, depressive, annoying
Unhappy and weak
Bored, stressed out and lonely
Sad, stressed and messed up
11. What is your favorite class in school ?
Math , science , technologie , music , sport
Philosophy, art, music, sport , religion
French, english, spanish,...(different languages)
history , religion , technologie , art , philosophy
12. Do you oftenly rely on you intuition ?
13. When you rely on your intuition, are you oftenly right ? ( if you answered never on the previous question, answer " XXX "on this one )
14. Which of those disorders have you already been labeled with ? ( Or, do you have symptoms of one of those disorders ?)
15. You like to try new experiences, even the most crazy ones.
True, you are very cureous, open and daring.
kinda true, you like to try new things but you keep being cautious, anything can happen!
I`m not daring, i mean, i dare to do some stuff but i`m not THAT crazy...
16. You seek change.
Very true , routine is boring
True , i have a daily routine but i admit that change is better
17. Let`s get to the paranormal side of things, are you psychic ? ( if you`re not being honest your outcome will most likely be wrong so no lies please)
Outrageously psychic, i oftenlly rely on my psychic abilities
Very psychic, i have many psychic experiences
Yes, i can`t always rely on my psychic skills but they`re helpful !
I`m not very intuition is not that bad but i think that`s all...
no, i`m not psychic at all, i have no weird experience or anything.
18. Did you already experienced an " out of body " experience ?
Yes, more than once
Yes, only once
" no, at least, not yet , but i`m trying to "
No , and i never will
19. Have you already seen a ghost or felt a ghosts presence ?
Yes, it happens oftenly (both)
Yes... (both)
I`ve already felt a ghosts presence (only)
i`ve already seen a ghost (only)
20. Do you have night terrors or difficulities to fall asleep at night ?
Hardly ever
21. Have you ever had a dream come true later on / Have you ever been able to see the future ( without any supports, no tarot cards nor crystal bal)?
Yep , more than once
Yes, but it doesn`t happen very oftenly
No, never
22. Do you experience Déja Vue often ?
23. Do ever feel like something bad is going to happen right before something bad does happen?
Yes, oftenly
Sometimes, not very often
No, rarely/never
24. Do you believe in Angels, fairies, pixies, witches,...
Yeah, i have some sort of connection to them
25. As a child, you were ...
The creative, energetic, kind, humoreous and happy of all ur brothers and sisters
The calm, laid back and quete one of all ur brothers and sisters
the not so social, quiet, mysetrious and distand of all ur brothers and sisters
The dreamy , quiet, and different one of all ur brothers and sisters
The happy and playfull one of al ur brothers and sister
26. How do you respond to authority ?
You can go along with it even though it gets you upset sometimes.
You just can`t stand it.
It`s Okay for you ...
27. What DO you REALLY need in your life ? ( can`t live without it)
Freedom, hapiness and loyality are as important
28. Why did you take this quizz ?
For fun
Because i find the new childrens to be a very interresting subject
Because i want to know more about who i am and wich type of child i am.
Because i`m interrested in paranormal stuff
29. What was your first reaction when you heard about the new childrens arrival ?
That`s crap.
They`re finally coming...
psychic powers actually DO exist !?
"... i`m not the only one."
" Psychic childrens ? That`s amazing! "
30. Pick a quote
You laugh becuase i`m different. I laugh becuase your all the same.
An angel without wings is just a friend in disguise.
friendship that can be ended didn`t even start.
Dreams are answers to question we haven`t yet figured out how to ask.
31. Will you rate and /or coment ?
Yeah , i`ll do both ! (me: thank you !! )
Yeah i`ll only rate/i`ll only comment (me: c`mon it`s not that hard to do both :[ )
No, i don`t want to (me: you`re just mean :`[ )

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Created on:2/16/2008 6:34:58 AM
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