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Which Nightmare are you?

1. Where is your dream "Down Time" spot?
A nice, warm summer day on the beach, tanning in the sun
Two words: Pool Party. Woot Woot!
Running in the forest, possibly away from people trying to attack you. >:)
Swifly soaring through windy skies. Plane optional. >:)
Updating your online Blog/Vlog thing.
Going NUTS!!! >:)
2. Which good deed would you rather do?
Lifting heavy boxes that contain clothes for the needy, they weight almost nothing to you
Working at a shelter, with the cute little puppies! (Sqee!)
Doing a 5k race for a charity.
None of the above (You sad person, you!)
3. What is you dream b-day spot?
camping at Yosemite national park
Having a sleepover with all your best friends!
Learning a new skill (Ex: Windsurfing, learning how to speak mandarin, ect...)
Ugh. All of these contain work. Can`t you just throw a simple little party with lots of CAAAKE?
4. which sounds the most appealing to you?
A nice, thick sword, viking longsword style with a big black handle and lots of heft.
A heart with lots of little frillies on it
a pool filled to the brim with CANDY!!!
a REAL pool. With water.
A staff that splits on the end so you can press people against walls and choke them. >:)
You: Sheesh none of these are good. Me: -_-
5. Which is the best movie?
Avatar! You rock, crazy blue people!
Star Wars. Luke Skywalker is CUUUTE!
Any horror flick. :)
Twilight. Jacob is CUUUTE!
Any movie that has action!!! Oh yeah!!! It isn`t a movie without an explosion!
None. Sheesh. I don`t even like movies.
6. Last question; did you lie at any time during this quiz to change the outcome?
No! *Is shocked and offended*
Well... Maybe a little... *Breaks down* I really just want to be Black Fox!!! *Sob*
Ew, why would I want to be someone I`m not?
*Sigh* Fine. Only once, though.
I can honestly say that I didn`t. *Is proud*

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Created on:10/15/2010 2:43:09 PM
Made by:KressLuv

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