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Nick name
Dont know what to be called?

1. What do you do when your waken up
Punch the person that woke you up
Give kisses to waker
Complain about buty sleep
Giggle and jump up to the days greeting
2. When some one wants to go for a walk you would say...
NO!!! I don`t like nature
But what if I fall or something…do you know how much that would hurt????
Omg!!! You need a kiss for that brilliant idea
*hehe* sounds fun to me
3. What`s your fave color???
Dark blue
Hot pink
Light purple
4. Do you like clowns
Omg no!!!! Theire sooooooo tacky looking
Omg yesssssssss theire funny
Ummmmmm.....not really...they scare me

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Created on:5/9/2012 12:42:28 PM
Made by:ssslllppphhh

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