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Are You a nice person?
Do people say your a kind person or the devil.

1. What do you normally do about fat kids?
Everytime you see them call them fat.
Tease them in front of your friends.
Stand up for them when someone calls them fat.
Nothing (like you care)
2. What would you do if the ugliest person ever asked you out?
Turn them down nicely.
Tell them maybe after they get a face left and some makeup.
Go with them and pretend to have fun.
3. Do you curse?
A few times.
Duh its like a second language.
4. Oh often do you fight with your family?
Maybe once a week.
Every freakin day.
Two or three times a week.
5. Do you do things behind your parents backs?
No, im a golden child.
All the time(its not like they deserve to know)
sometimes but not alot.

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Created on:4/26/2007 5:30:55 PM
Made by:angelclt

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