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Are you nice or mean?
Are you really nice, or just plain cruel?

1. There`s a kid eating lunch with a metabolism disorder, so they look… you know. No one`s sitting with them. You…
Go sit with them.
Only sort of notice
Whisper to your friends a not-so-nice comment about them.
Get up and scream, “AHH! He`ll eat us all!!!” and throw food at him.
2. A little kid`s crying because they`re ice cream melted. You…
Buy them another cone.
Go and comfort them.
Walk past.
Spit in the kid`s face.
3. You are asked to look over your friend`s story, and it`s not the best. You…
Say that it`s wonderful, but then give some tips.
Say, “It`s pretty good.”
Say, “I didn`t really like it…”
Say, “IT WAS TERRIBLE!!” and rip it in two.
4. You`re at a party, and you want the last slice of pizza. However, someone else wants it, too. You…
Let them have it, of course!
Let them have it, but you`re pretty annoyed.
EAT THE PIZZA!!! FOOD, FOOD, FOOD!! Oh, someone else wanted it? Oops…
Eat it.
Punch the other person in the nose, then get your pizza.
5. Are you a generally happy person?
Yes!! Yayness!!! (Me: Will you join me in my mission to add yayness to the dictionary?)
6. You see a kid getting bullied. You…
Tell the bully, “STOP IT!!!” And talk to the kid.
You don`t do anything, but try to be nice to them after the fact.
You don`t do anything.
You laugh along with the bully.
You are the bully.
7. Do you like the be kind song?
Yes! I randomly sing it at lunch all the time.
I`m okay with it in small doses.
No, it is SO ANNOYING!!!
If someone is singing it, I spit in their face.
I`ve never heard the be kind song. (Won`t affect your score.)
8. You drive past an old llady shoveling her driveway, but it`s obvious she`s having trouble. You…
Stop by and shovel her driveway.
Feel really sorry for her, but don`t stop to help.
Don`t really notice.
Use the back wheels of your car to blow lots more snow in.
You don`t have a driver`s license.
9. What do you think you`ll get? (ANSWER HONESTLY!)
Sort of mean
Just plain cruel
I don`t know. (Won`t effect your score.)

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