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How nerdy are you  quiz. Test your nerdiness     Also remember its not bad to be a nerd  nerd chic and all Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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How nerdy are you?
Test your nerdiness! :) Also remember its not bad to be a nerd! nerd chic and all.

1. So, you would be in a library too:
Oyg, ermm its where I live
Reading up on quantum physics
To borrow a book to read, Just like reading is all
Erm... whats a liberry?
To find nerds to beat up
2. Pi is:
Something to do with circles, 3.14....
Erm... a desert?
That dork I beat up last week had it written on his hand
3. Abercrombie and Fitch is:
No idea oyg
My sister likes it.. clothes or something
Oh yeah... shop there often...bit pricey though
OMG. I love it its so cool, like the best like clothes like ever!
I`m too busy beating up nerd to shop there
4. You favourite lesson at school:
Quantum Physics oyg
English or History something like that
Too busy painting my nails to care
Any subject where there are plenty of dweebs to beat up
5. You like to dress:
Oyg, high waisted trousers, braces, tartan shirt, thick glasses,braces on teeth too
Erm... anything
Jeans, maybe a skirt, nice top
Everything like totally designer and like pink and like OMG
Anything easy to beat nerds up in
6. Your bedroom at home is:
Covered in posters of my hero, Albert Einstein, filled with books by scientists
Messy, and ewr a bit disgusting
yeah, its nice, not huge, but tidy, with my books and clothes
Its like totally huge and PINK, and i`ve got like tons of clothes like everywhere and its like so...
Dartboards with pictures of nerds on them
7. You are at the mall, you see someone from school whos a bit of a nerd, you:
Ahh greetings, do the star trek sign, then scurry off
I`m looking in the mirror
Smile in his direction
Ew, like totally ignore him
Chase him, then beat him up

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Created on:7/19/2009 12:33:16 PM
Made by:mchelen

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