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What type of `nerd` are you?
What sort of a nerd are you or are you just not a nerd at all?

1. Do you like sports?
Oyg, no...hate them.
I am terrible at them.
I..I innjjuree my sellf a llllott,, tripping over on ttthe ffffield
Well, they`re not my favourite activity, but they`re ok
I like sports, yeah
2. Do you like school?
oyg..only the lessons, oyg
No, I hate interacting with all the people
Wwwell, I get pushed over aaa lott
Hmm, its ok to see my friends, would rather be at home though
3. You like to dress:
Oyg, it makes no difference to the greater scheme of things
Hoiked up trousers, tartan shirt
Skew-wiffy glasses.
Jeans, just a t-shirt
What ever looks good or is in fashion
4. Friends:
oyg..I do not need friends
Oh..I`m not very good at talking to people
Well other people aren`t nice to me, they ignore me or beat me up
Yeah, I have a few close friends
I have a big group of friends
5. Best season:
Seasons result from the yearly revolution of the Earth around the Sun and the tilt of the axis.
Winter, so I can cover up my scrawny bod
Summer, becuase schools out, and I can just sit in my room
I don`t really have one
SUMMER. schools out, can wear a bikini, spend my time at the mall
6. Will you comment (doesn`t affect outcome)

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Created on:7/27/2009 7:08:22 AM
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