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are you a nerd?
There is one result that I have no clue why I added it!

1. the square root of 144 is
NOOO! i hate science!!
let me taste your blood and i`ll tell you
2. what do you usualy eat for lunch?
anything that is hypo-allergenic
something healthy
junk food
BLOOD!... er... ah... what was option 3?
3. what is your favorite thing about you?
fangs!... um... i didn`t say that *nervous smile*
4. what animal are you most like?
human! because i am one!
do i care?
vampire bat!!
5. you are invited to a beach party so you...
what!?! i was invited to go to a party!?!
decline... you need to study
go of course i meen i need to keep my image at it`s best
the sun it burns!!... er... um... i meen no i won`t be able to make it
6. what is a study date to you?
me doing other people homework for them
studying nothing more!
anything but studying!
luring my prey so i can feed!... er... um... studying! ya that is right studying!
7. do you think you`re a nerd?
logicaly speeking yes
that`s imposible vampires can`t be nerds... I MEEN NO!! *nervous look*

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Created on:3/8/2009 5:27:01 PM
Made by:vamp_chick

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