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Are You a Nerd or a Class Clown?
I don't know, which one are you?

1. Your teacher asks your class a question about chickens. She picks on you to answer. What do you say?
The correct answer, of course! Time to get my grades up!
CHICKEN BUTT!!!!!!!!!!
2. When walking around in the classroom, do you walk in a weird way and make people laugh?
No way. I have to do what my teacher tells me to.
Yeah, I do! I do it everyday, and I always get sent out. :-(
3. Do you make weird noises in class?
No. Too embarrassing. And it`s one of the class rules to not to do that. I HAVE to follow the rules.
Yeah! I also tell jokes all the time, and make my folks laugh!
4. What do you think you`ll get? (This will not affect your score.)
Class Clown.
5. How was this quiz? (Only two of the options will affect your score.)
Awesome. A+ quiz.
It was great!
It was okay.
I don`t know.
It was bad.
It was awful.

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Created on:12/19/2015 9:03:00 PM
Made by:Ilikeoreos

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