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what nbb song is this?
read the lyrics guess the name.that easy!

1. what song...I sing this song from the sky.no matter if it`s heaven or hell...
crazy car
the world
long distance
2. this song...Computers, iTunes Albums by the soul So, anyone can make a movie Everyone just seems so stupid Television Rules the world The minds of little boys and girls All the people in Katrina Need a place to live Sad to hear Jamba Juice And fricke
girl of my dreams
the world
i don`t wanna go to school
catch up with the end
3. next...Got no mojo Got none at all Got no real love And got no soul
banana smoothie
flying away
got no mojo
4. try hard...You used to mean so much But everything has changed You had your chance Now watch it fade away Just a face in the hall You used to mean it all to me Just a face in the hall Now it`s all gone you see
face in the hall
catch up with the end
i`m out
5. Your there wherever I may land You there wherever I may fall 225,000 miles away I can feel you as close as an inch
Hardcore Wrestlers
if there was a place to hide
motor mouth
6. You can run from almost anything, Birds, cats, cars and machines, Fools... and death, But one thing you can`t run from, yeah, One thing you can`t run from, One thing you can`t run from is yourself!
yes we can
your smile
7. Who`s that mystery girl That I see on my block I never believed In love at first sight But I was wrong Oh wrong
girl of my dreams
mystery girl

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