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Are you a natural leader?
Find out if you were born to be a leader... or a follower.

1. Would you describe yourself as witty, smart, headstrong, intelligent, or clever?
2. What is something that other people do that you just CAN`T STAND?
Smoking, litering, etc.
Believing the news
Bragging about themselves
Showing you up
3. Are you a competitive person?
All day everyday!
Most of the time!
Yeah kind of.
4. Pretend you are a professional athlete, and then you see someone crying because they don`t feel like they can do anything as good as you... what do you do?
Walk over to the person and explain to them how much practice it took to get to where you were now.
Walk over and ask if they would like to train with you.
Give them a reassuring smile and a thumbs up!
Walk by feeling sorry for them.
Laugh at the person! Haha!!!
5. Are you sensitive?
I`m alert... but not sensitive
I`m a bit alert and sensitive at times, depending on the situation.
I can be a little sensitive.
VERY sensitive and a little alert.
6. Do you try to be different from others?
7. Are you decisive?
I don`t know what that means...
8. How many subjects in school do you have an A in?
All of them except one or two.
All of them!
Most of them!
One or two...
I don`t go to school but I do have a job.
I don`t go to school, nor do I have a job.

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