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which Naruto Shippuden character are YOU???
a quiz that determines which naruto character you are (hope you like it)

1. A teammate is wounded what do you do?
leave them finish the mission
use the shadow clone jutsu and get the rogue and go get the hokage
give them medical care let the rogue escape
protect your teammate from any danger
2. the akatsuki come to capture naruto what do you do?
the akatsuki?! there no match
hide and think of a strategy
naruto can fight his own fight I`m oughta here!
pretend to run away and set up an ambush
call for backup hold ground `till then
3. you are told to destroy konoha by the anbu what do you do?
I am loyal to the anbu
I obey no one get someone else
tell the hokage right away
rebel take down the whole orginization with your own bare hands
go home and pretend nothing ever happened
4. a drunk comes lookin` for a fight what do you do?
I`ll give him what he wants don`t blame me for what happens
oh, I think I left my ramen on! heh heh...gulp
let us battle on one condition... you give me an all you can eat and... I`ll let ya live ha ha
5. what do you do in your spare time ?
sleep ZZZ
train for revenge!!!
give your dog a bath
go to ichiraku for a hot bowl of ramen mmm :D
6. the final question. ARE YOU READY TO SEE WHO YOU ARE?!?!
NO :(

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Created on:3/5/2009 12:03:47 PM
Made by:shippudenyay

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