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Naruto Personality Test  no certain gender required  quiz. Have you ever said to yourself   quot in Naruto  i am most like        quot  Is that really who you re like  Or are you different than what you think Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Naruto Personality Test (no certain gender required)
Have you ever said to yourself, "in Naruto, i am most like ______" Is that really who you're like? Or are you different than what you think?

1. For starters, What have you ever looked for in a person?
I have always looked for a sister or a brother in a person.
A person who i can trust, and who can trust me in return.
A person who i could love, and who would love me and me alone.
I would search for a person with understanding.
2. Whom could you trust?
I feel more open toward by parents.
My siblings, i prefer to confide in them.
My friends, i trust them because they`re always there for me.
I like to confide and trust myself.
3. Is being yourself importent?
Around my friends, it`s okay to be yourself.
Yourself is who you are, and people have the right to know that!
Being someone you`re not, it`s fine if you don`t know the people.
4. Do you call yourself `strong`?
If you mean, `do i have abs` then yes.
If my heart is weak, then my arms and legs must be strong.
I can`t always fend for myself, i wouldn`t say i was strong.
Being strong and acting strong are different things, i wouldn`t be able to answer this question.
5. Pick a quote from the following:
"I won`t run away anymore... I won`t go back on my word... that is my ninja way!"
"All I`ve been doing is watching you two from behind... now, get a good look at my back!"
"A soul needs a purpose to live... and so I concluded that my purpose was to kill everyone besides m
"What I`m saying is, in the end, everyone is alone, right?"
"There`s no meaning to a flower unless it blooms."
"I understand now. Even if I must take the devil`s fruit, I must gain power. I am an avenger."
In my eyes... You`re a proud failure!
Here`s an idea. How `bout you cut our ropes first, then you can faint all you want.
Fear. That is what we live with. And we live with it everyday. Only in death are we free of it.
He`s so far out of the loop, he doesn`t even know there is a loop.
6. If i were to tell you an importent secret, what would you do?
I would most likely tell anyone i could.
I`m not one to gossip, i would seal my lips.
What do you think i would do?
I don`t know, i would wait to hear the secret.
7. If i told you my soul died, would you take me seriously.
No probably not.
I would believe you, that`s a serious situation.
I would know, it`s hard to tell.
8. How`d you like this quiz?
I was okay.
I loved it!!!
Hated it!
Very nice!!

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