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Which Naruto Hokage are you  quiz. Think you re worthy of being called the Hokage  Find out which Hokage you are most like in this exciting quiz  Are you Hashirama  Tobirama  Hiruzen  Minato  Tsunade  Kakashi  Naruto  All you have to do is take this quiz to find out Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Which Naruto Hokage are you?
Think you're worthy of being called the Hokage? Find out which Hokage you are most like in this exciting quiz. Are you Hashirama? Tobirama? Hiruzen? Minato? Tsunade? Kakashi? Naruto? All you have to do is take this quiz to find out!

1. A clan in your village is acting suspiciously, and there is speculation they may be planning a revolt. What do you do?
Keep a close eye on them and assign the Anbu to gain Intel on theim. A revolt can not happen.
Meet with them yourself and tell them how important they are to the village.
Attack them to show them their actions are not ok. A revolt will not be tolerated.
Keep aware of the situation, but do not indulge too much. This could upset them even more.
2. A neighboring village needs your help; however there is no formal alliance between the two of you. They are in war and need your help. What do you do?
Ignore them. We cannot meddle with affairs we are not a part of. It could put our village at risk.
Help. We need to help our friends if peace is to be maintained.
Send some help but do not get completely involved. Our own defense need to be secure.
Request an alliance so in exchange for helping them, you receive help from them as well.
Increase defense so you are protected, but do not get involved unless things escalate.
3. How do you deal with underground associations such as the Anbu Black Ops?
Make sure they are made very secure. We need strong organizations to protect us from the shadows.
There is no need for organizations to be tasked with our dirty work. We are a village,
Invest into them, but make sure it does not become corrupt. Anbu still holds our beliefs.
Create a new organization that is similar, but does not work in the shadows.
4. What is your favorite thing about being Hokage?
The ability to protect my loved ones
The respect I get from my people
My high amount of power in matters
The ability to converse with other nations
My great mansion and belongings
5. What is your least favorite thing about being Hokage?
The paperwork!
The difficult decisions I am forced to make
The extreme amount of pressure
The lack of free time to be with my family and do fun activities
The small matters that aren`t truly important
6. What techniques do you use?
Teleportation Techniques
Sealing Techniques
Summoning Techniques
Weapons such as Kunais and Shurikens
7. What do you do in the little free time you have?
Spend time with my family
Go to restaurants and bars (Gamble?)
Read ;)
I don`t care for free time. I`m too concerned with the village
Visit new areas and people / adventure
Rest / Relax
8. What is the most important part about being Hokage?
Keeping the Village safe. Other matters are important, but the village is first,
Protecting the entire Ninja World and maintaining peace
Relations with other countries?In order to protect our country we must be secure with others.
Relations within our own nation. Our problems come first. Outside problems don`t effect us as much.
Making hard decisions that may go agains your own beliefs and values
9. What is more important - protection of the village or peace?
Protection of the village. I can`t be responsible for the rest.
Peace. We need to be peaceful. Extreme methods won`t help. Even if it puts us in danger.
10. Is attacking other villages ok for the sake of protecting yours?
Yes, our village is the most important,
No, senseless attacking will never help.
11. Why did you want to become Hokage?
To protect those I love
Because I know I`m the most capable
So people would finally respect me
To make peace with other nations so that everyone can be happy
To gain the most of power

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