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what naruto guy is for you?
well which is for you i will share

1. how do you meet?
in detention
in a tree
in a class room
reading a book
cloud watching
playing with squarel
pet a dog
in a bug farm
fight people
2. how does he ask you out ?
so do you think we can meet up sometime ?
you me ramen later cool
talk to you later
hey want to sit
want to see a movie
want to pick flowers
walk to my dog with me
want to watch the moon
want to draw to go to an show?
want see my house
3. do you have a sense of humor
4. what do u do when he says i love you on the 20th date
i love you too
um yeah i do love you
5. will you comment?
6. do you like it?
its good
hate it

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Created on:7/16/2008 7:36:18 PM
Made by:lvsnaruto

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