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Naruto couples: What does Sasuke think about you?
Let's see what he thinks about you?

1. Okay, what si Sasuke`s favorite color?
Dark color
2. RPG time, you and Sasuke are on a date and he kisses you, what do you do?
kiss him back
kill him (me:Why are you taking this?)
slap him, but you know that you liked it
3. Sasuke walks you back to your house, so what do you do?
Let him come in (me:wow, use protection!!!!!!)
slams door in his face (me:again, why are you taking this?)
tell him that you had a good night
4. It is Sasuke`s birthday, what do you do for him?
Bake a cake that says your going to be a daddy (me: I SAID TO USE PROTECTION!!)
Give him man-eating lions (me:yo-crazy person!Get out of here!)
train with him
5. Your realize that Sasuke is dieing, what do you do?
tell him he has to pay for the baby (me:HE IS DIEING MAN!!)
Ha-Ha. I poisoned him. Waha-ha-ha-ha (me: OMG!!)
Goes out and try to find something that would cure him (me:Yeah Girl!!!)
6. No more questions. We have to get Sasuke to the hosiptal.
I don`t care, he better pay for ma baby
No!!!Let him die!! (me:NEVER!!!)
I am coming too (me:okay)
7. Bye!!
Yeah whatever
I know where hes at, he is going to die (me:OMG!! NO!! *goes to his room and shoots you)
Is he okay? (me:He is fine, I killed the girl)

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