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What Naruto characters think of you   quiz. This Quiz will show you if you were in the Naruto wold  what the characters would think of you  Some things will be really surprising     Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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What Naruto characters think of you!
This Quiz will show you if you were in the Naruto wold, what the characters would think of you. Some things will be really surprising!!!!!

1. What is your favorite color?
Purple( me to!!)
Black and gray
2. What color is your hair?
Silver (Awesome!)
3. Naruto walks up to you and looks like he is about to tell you something and turns all different shades of red, what do you think he is going to say?
" I never want to see you again!"
"____-kan, w-would y-you l-like t-to g-go o-out?"
"Would you like to go get some ramen?"
"Do you want to study with me?"
4. While you are in class you sit by Sasuke and he passes you a note saying if you want to train later, what do you wright back?
Sure! I love you Sasuke!
No way! You are weird!
Sure sounds like fun *you giggle*
no thanks. I have something i need to do.
5. So anyways you decide to train with Sasuke and wile you train you pin him to the ground. When you are distracted by his looks he pins you down. When on the you see Sasuke kisses you, what do you say after?
Get off of me! *Then slap him*
That was nice.
Thanks but I`m seeing someone else *Walk away*
6. Do you remember question 3? So Naruto ask you out right in front of Sasuke! The start to argue, what do you say?
Oh Please stop fighting! I need to think!
I LOVE you Sasuke! Better luck next time Naruto!
I pick neither of you! You two are acting like baby`s!
I pick you Naruto! Sorry Sasuke!
7. What is your favorite food?
Ramen! Yum!
All foods.
Does it really matter?
Something that doesn`t make sound when i chew!
8. What would your eye color be?
Yellow! (What?)
9. How would you dress?
Like a movie star
In all black
10. How did you like this quiz? Won`t effect outcomes!
Its ok

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