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Which Naruto Character Are You?
Self Explainatory

1. What`s your favorite color?
2. Who are you in your group of friends?
The smart one
The leader
loud mouth
the quiet bad ass type
I have no friends
The clueless one
3. Would you ever betray your friends for power?
4. If you could have one ninja technique what would it be?
Chidori (1000 birds/lightning blade)
Medical techniques
The power to control sand
The power to take over someones body with your shadow
5. Favorite thing to do?
eat ramen
train to become stronger
Read novels
Relax and do nothing
make new friends
hunting demons for personal use
6. Who would you be in a battle?
The one healing wounded allies
The one protecting your friends
The one trying to kill innocent people
The protecter of your village
The one who`s making the plan of attack
The one who`s kicking ass
The show off
The winner
7. Your comrade is wounded badly and may die what do you do?
Let him die, he`s weak
What are you talking about i`m the one dying
swear to protect him
use your medical skills to heal him
you`re the one killing him
thinking of a way to save him
you`re fighting and don`t have time to help him
8. What`s your goal?
To kill my brother!
To become Hokage!
to become a great medical ninja
to have a better life
to find the nine tailed fox
9. Are you Good or Evil?
10. How good of a ninja are you?
I`m good enough to be hokage
Strong but I must become stronger
Who cares
I`m leader of a village, duh!
I once killed an entire clan of people by myself
I am one of the best in Konoha
I have mastered most medical techniques
11. What`s your main way of attacking?
With sand that I control
I use my brain to figure out ways to defeat my enemy
I use all kinds of ninja moves, but my trademark is Chidori
I mainly use shadow clones to help me in battle
I focus chakra into my fists and use those
My sharingan

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