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What Naruto Character Are You? (Guys Only)
Find out what guy Naruto character you are!

1. What is your hair color?
You usually cant see my hair because of what i wear
I usually wear hoodys
I usually wear hats/bandanas
2. What size are you? (Be honost)
A bit chubby
3. What do you prefer to wear?
Orange, Jackets or Jumpsuits
The usual t-shirts and shorts
A scarf or sweater
A small jacket or whatever
Something that covers my whole body
Hoodys and pants
A big jacket with panys
An arodynamic body suit
A short sleeve jacket with shorts
4. What would you most likely fight with?
Clones of me or a big toad
Wepons and my shriangon
Me but a bigger version
My shadow...or just dont fight
A giant poisinos puppet
My dog
Nothing but me
My all seeing eyes
5. What village would you most likely be from?
The Leaf Village
The Sand Village
6. How good are you in school? (be honest)
I was pretty bad, im the class clown
Im exelent in school but i dont talk to anybody
Im pretty average
Im a slacker
I dont do school
Im very dedicated to school
7. What personality best suits you? (Be honost)
Im a joker/prankster
I dont do friends all i need is myself
Im usually eating
Im really lazy somtimes
Im kinda naive sometomes
Im kinda wild
Im kinda mysterios i guess
Im a really dedicated kinda guy
I guess I kinda think about myself most of the time
8. What do you prefer using?
9. What jutsu do you prefer?
Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu
Fire Ball Jutsu
Body Expansion Jutsu
Shadow Possesion Jutsu
Sand Coffin Jutsu
Puppet Master Jutsu
Man Beast Clone Jutsu
Parisect Jutsu
No jutsu just martial arts
Palm Rotation Jutsus
10. Is there anything else you might have?
A Fox demon inside of me
The Shriangon
No not really
I have an I.Q. of 200
I have a wolf demon inside me
Bugs live inside me
I know nothing of Genjutsu or Ninjutsu just TaiJustu
I have the all seeing eye

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Created on:6/28/2007 8:14:57 PM
Made by:3smoshFANS

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