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NaMe THE SoNg <3

1. am i more than you bargained for yet ive been dying to tell you anything you wanna hear because thats just who i am this week
thanks for the memories-fall out boy
sugar were going down-fall out boy
snow white queen- evanescence
2. this is not what i intended, i always swore to you i`d never fall apart. you always thought that i was stronger i may have failed but i have loved you from the start.
scars-papa roach
sugar were going down-fall out boy
fall for you- secondhand serenade
21 guns- green day
3. cant take one more step towards you all thats waiting is regret. dont you know im not your ghost anymore
scars- papa roach
weight of the world-evanescence
jar of hearts-christina perri
tonight tonight-hot chelle rae
4. woke up with a strange tatoo not sure how i got it not a dollar in my pocket and it kinda looks just like you mixed with zach galifianakis
jar of hearts-christina perri
tonight tonight-hot chelle rae
thanks for the memories
5. i tear my heart open i sew myself shut my weakness is that i care too much and my scars remind me that the past is real i tear my heart open just to fail
fall for you- secondhand serenade
the middle - jimmy eat world
scars-papa roach
6. i couldnt tell you why she felt that way she felt it everyday and i couldnt help her i just watch her make the same mistakes again. whats wrong whats wrong now? too many too many problems, dont know where she belongs, where she belongs
complicated- avril lavigne
call me when your sober- evanescence
nobodys home- avril lavigne
7. sometimes i give myself the creeps sometimes my mind plays tricks on me it all keeps adding up ithink im cracking up am i just paranoid, im just stoned
misery busines-paramore
basketcase-green day
i dont care- fall out boy

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Created on:9/18/2011 3:48:35 PM
Made by:MentalNinja1

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