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What s the name of your magical world  quiz. You will go on a magical adventure  and by telling me how you choose to take it  I will discover what mystical land you ruled over in your past life   in your made up past life Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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What`s the name of your magical world?
You will go on a magical adventure, and by telling me how you choose to take it, I will discover what mystical land you ruled over in your past life - in your made up past life.

1. The stars above you look like quarters, dimes, and nickels dropped into a deep well. They shimmer and shine like silver fairy dust.
Oh, how beautiful the blue sky is!
I love the way the stars dance with their shinyness like fire on a candle.
There are so many stars! Do they ever end?
The stars are giving too much light!! Must find more darkness!
I love the silvery hue of the moon.
2. One star seems to be shining more than the others. Looking at it more closely, you notice that it is…
turning bright red
turning black, blending in with the sky
changing its shape
getting shinier and SUPER bright
3. Obviously this is not normal, but then something else peculiar happens. A boy, maybe about 15 years old, is walking towards you. He has black hair, skin the color of the moon, and what color eyes?
All black. I can`t tell where the pupils are.
With a lightning bolt through the center.
A spirit color - like a silvery and misty shade.
Red and Green
4. He looked at the strange star, and then looked back at you. His stare frightened you, for it looked like he knew something about the star. You looked back at the star, but when you looked back at the kid, he was gone – as if he vanished into thin air
Ooh... freaky!!
Umm... OK... whatever...
How exciting!!
Boo, hoo, I`m scared! :(
Oh my gosh! Continue!!
5. Not knowing what else to do, you looked back at the star. But this time it wasn’t in the usual starry shape. Instead, it was a ______ swirl, growing bigger by the second. It was also coming towards you! (fill in the blank)
Purple like the picture!!
Red and fiery!
A beautiful shade of green.
Black and dark.
Light blue.
6. After about a minute, the swirl was right beside you. You wondered if you should walk in or not. In the end you decide to go in.
Yeah, right! I`m wayy too much of a coward to ever do that.
OK, OK, I might have done that. I`m not sure.
OK so there is a star, then a guy, and then a swirl. Cool. And now I just walked in the swirl. Neat!
Yeah I`m brave. In real life I`d easily walk in there. I`m no coward!!
7. The swirl wraps around you. Alarmed, you try to escape. But the force is so extreme that you soon believe that you cannot leave. Suddenly the swirl slowly unfolds and evaporates, leaving you face to face with a different world.
Oh my gosh! Another world!
How interesting... and magical...
Yeah, yeah... beautiful, magic - whatever!
This is incredible! I can hardly believe my eyes!
I`m shivering with fear all over. To be honest, I`m actually quite afraid!
8. A voice above told you that in your past life, you were a magical spirit. You lived in this world. In fact, you were the lord of this land. What does this world look like that you were once in charge of and that you are standing in right now?
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Created on:5/8/2008 8:07:50 PM
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