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What mythological Demon are you?
Well, which one? (e)

1. Okay, which one are you most like.....? (even if you`re not like any just pick the one closest)
Powerful, smart and prideful
Shy, clumsy and self conscious
Obsessive, angry and impatient
A mixtue of all of these above
2. How would you kill someone?
Shoot them in the head
You wouldn`t kill any-body
By trickery....you`d trick them into killing themselves
You`d eat them alive
3. Pick a power you would like....
The ability o teleport into others (posses other people)
To have a full and satisfying knowledge of the past, present and future
To read peoples minds
To make anything appear in front of you and change anything you want into gold
A whole s#*t load of powers
4. Your view on guns...
Best damn invention on the planet
Guns are BAD!!! They destroy people
5. If you were a demon, what colour eyes would you have?
Ditch the eyes....I don`t give a $%#!
Yellow.....evil is good....
6. Last Question, which element would you choose if you became a demon?

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