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What Mythical Creature Are You?
Find out if you are an evil Vampire or a good Fairy!

1. Do you enjoy your life?
YES! Of course!
Somtimes life is tough..... but over all..... yeah it`s ok.
No. I don`t. Plian and simlpe
2. What is your favroite time of day?
I kinda like the morning time.
I really enjoy dusk and dawn.
I enjoy night time the most.
I like all the times of the day!
3. What is your favroite color?
Black and Gray. You get my point.
I like all colors!
I like red because it`s powerful
I really like hot colors. ( red, pink, yellow, or orange )
I like cool colors. ( green, blue, and purple )
I don`t really like colors...
4. How would you describe your-self?
Dark and Mysterious with Attitude
Sweet and Kind
Very Revenge-ful
I don`t know..... NORMAL!
5. What is your favroite animal?
I LOVE bats!
I like all animals
I don`t know..... what ever I can hunt.
I like cats. ( black ones are my favroite
I like horses.... there cool.
I don`t really have a favroite animal,,,,
6. Do you consider yourself good or evil?
Evil..... Good..... I don`t know!
Oh I am always GOOD!
I`m a little bit of both...
7. What is you favroite flower?
All flowers are cool
Dead flowers are the best!
I like herbs.... not flowers.
Lilacs, Daisies or Roses!
I don`t know.
8. What socal group are you in?
Goth / Emo / Punk
I`m mostly a loner...
Avrage Joe
9. What is you favroite mythical creature?
Vampire! They are soooo cool!
Dragon. They just look so cool!
Witch / Wizard Magic would be a cool thing to have!
Unicorn. There so PREETY!

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Created on:12/3/2008 8:42:12 PM
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