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What mythical creature or warrior are you?
Adventure-thingy. i like this style so i chose it.

1. You are walking back to your home, a...
soft meadow in the forest
puffy cloud in the sky
tower in the kingdom
2. You see a note on the ground. It appears to be a message to the king with plans for an attack on a foreign kingdom. You...
Stuff it in your pocket. That kingdom could pay big money...
pick it up, the king is probably looking for it.
Let it be. It is not for your eyes.
Grab it, and try to convince the king to spare the enemies` lives.
3. When you finish reading the note, a beam of light shoots down from the sky. An angel lets you have any power you want. You choose...
Weapon Enchanting!
4. She then allows you one of the three basic wishes; wisdom, fame, or riches. You choose...
5. Before leaving, the angel asks you to do a favor when she asks it. You say...
"I honor you, and will honor this promise."
"No, you shall do a favor for me, or you will regret it."
"I already have my wish. Why should I give you something?"
"Sure. Of course."
6. You enter a shop to buy a weapon. You choose...
a sword
a wand
My teeth are enough
Why buy when you can trick?
I don`t fight, thank you very much.
A bow and arrows.

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Times Taken:4,200
Created on:2/16/2009 4:50:42 PM
Made by:itwilight

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