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Are you My type? Boys only
See if your my type!

1. What do you like to do on the weekends?
I like to go chase after girls!
I like to go skateboarding, but not just on the weekends!
I like to go to the mall, OMG!! IT`S PARIS HILTON! GOTTA RUN!
I`ll take a girl out to a fancy restraunt.
2. Where would you take me to for a date?
Take you to a wrestling match of course!
I woud take you to the fancyiest restraunt in the town, but it`s right next to the mall.
I would, like take you to, Paris`s and Britneys, diner. It`s gonna be sooooooo cool!
I would take you to the skatepark, but set up a nice, romatic picnic for you.
3. Do you like blonds, only because most of them are hot?
Yes! I think their hot!
Yeah, mostly because their dumb. IT`S SO FUNNY!
I am one!
I like them for their beauty.
4. Just to let you know, i`m a blond, and a TOTAL tomboy. Does that change your last answer?
5. Which one do you like, Blond, Brenuttes, Redhair, or dye?
Blond, their so hot, and aren`t stupid at all.
Duh, I`m a breuntte. Their so much smarter. Blondes just have more fun.
Redhair. This will be fun, watching them be so stupid.
6. What dog do you like most?
Siberian husky, their so cute and full of energy!
Labador, their very calm, but still fun.
Guard dogs, hey, they match me!
Any small dog, so I can carry around to show off! *Giggles
All dogs!
7. What`s your fav color, wanna know, see if it`s mine.
Cheese *me,(is that yellow?)
Red, color of blood, cool
The colors of the rainbow!!
8. What shoes do you have, or want? *Note, I want to see if it`s my pair.... yes, i do wear guy shoes. I`ll tell you which one`s at end.
Boots, because I have big feet, and wanna join the army of Death.
Some shoes I found, at the mall. Their like so cute!
Anything to match my tux.
9. Do you have a pet? If you don`t, just pick one out of these.
Yeah, a boxer.
A fish.
A siberian husky of course!
A cat.
A parrot.
A material arts teacher. XD (jk)
Any type of dog.
Is a guy I just beat up count?
10. What`s your favorite type of girl?
An idoit. I like to watch them suffer.
Someone that cares just about shopping as I do!
Smart, shy girl.
A fun, outgoing girl, a tomboy.
11. Here`s a part of a song, i want to know if you know it. `Can`t read my, pokerface, she`s gotta love nobody. Pa pa pa pokerface,papokerface!` who`s it by?
Panic! at the Disco
Uh, ummm, Barbie?
Lady GaGa
Pussycat dolls?
12. One last question, have you ever gone down on a girl on the first date?
SOOOOOO many times!! My motto is, meet her do her dump her.
No never, what idoit would do that?
I`ve had sex with my skateboard before, XD (JK)
13. OBTW, where would you every want to live?
Idaho, so beautiful there, i could skateboard down all the mountains, and have a great date.
Florida, let`s, go, SURFING!
the biggest mall in the world!
Californa, great places to hook up with girls.

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