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My Story
Writen by kruegerkrazy Illistrated by who knows who

1. Ok this is you:
Yay im hot!
2. These are your friends(from left to right), Jackie, Kasey, and Violet:
Yay friends!
3. These are your cats, Shadow and Marshmello:
Aww! CUTE!
4. This is your crush, Mark:
Hot, hot, hot!
5. These are your parents:
No!! Not parents!!
Ok, cool
6. This is your little sister, Riely.
Ahh, the sister...
She`s such a cute kid!
7. This is your big sister, Karen
She looks cool.
How do I have blonde hair and her`s is black (she died it)
8. Your brother,Kyle:
We done with the family yet? (me: yes)
Ok, sweet.
9. Last of all, your enemy, Yvonne
I see why I hate her.

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Times Taken:2,799
Created on:5/24/2010 1:23:28 PM
Made by:krugerkrazy

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