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which of my made-up characters r u?
my made-up characterz, r they lik u?

1. wats 1 word tat describes u?
distant & protective
bubbly & determined
quiet & lonely
beautiful & sneaky
snotty & roostery
2. wats ur fav color? (the ORRIGINAL question.....soooo cliche)
black, dark purple, blue
hot pink, neon green, yellow
white or grey
red, orange, pink
silver, gold, rainbow!!
3. RP: Ur walking down the street and u see a small boy standing there, alone. His eyes are red from crying and he`s holding and small boquet. What do you do?
I would walk over to him and ask him why he was crying......
I would skip over to him and give him a hug to comfort him......
i would slowly walk over to him and ask him what`s wrong........
i would walk over and yell stop bein a baby..........
i would walk away...who cares! (ME:) * well ur mean!*
4. The boy says his name is Miharu and he tells u that his mother was recently killed by a car. U bend down and try to comfort him but he runs away without another word. Suddenly, darkness engulfes u and u c a white light comin from far away,wat do u do
I would slowly walked towards it, regrettin every step i made
i would skip towards it , so pretty!!
I would turn around and start to walk away but turn back around and walk towards it....
i would laugh and walk away
why should i give a crap?!
5. As u get closer to the light u make out the image of an angel. She holds out her hand and u take it; u both r suddenly whisked away to a hell-like world. Wat is ur reaction?
i would gasp in horror and disbelief
the smile upon my face will be swept away in a frown of horror and terror
i would stare at the world in amazement and anguish
i would close my eyes, afraid i might get burned by the horendous flames
i would smack the angel for bringin me here (ME:) *wats wrong wit u?!*
6. The angle sayz itz name is Kisa and tat Miharu is her son and tat she thnxz u for bringin him to her. U get confused, how did u bring him to her. She taps u on the head and ur suddenly out on a street wit the angel, but shes alive now........
nope..oh..i mean..yes
7. Suddenly a car swerves around the corner and u both get hit by it. Ur eyes open and u c Kisa lyin on the gound next to u dead. U feel the stikin pain she did wen she got hit and u could feel the horrified gazez of the ppl around u......
OH NO!!!!!
wow (ME:) *u hav no emotion...*
wat?! how?! i mean-OMG!!!
8. U hear the sirens of the ambulance cumin down the street and u c the men get Kisa up on a gurdy and into the truck, followed slowly by Miharu. U stand up and Kisa (angel) sayz, "Now u kno my pain." Wat happens next?
i get ported bac home and i begin to cry......
i smile and say im so srry and i get ported bac home
i get ported bac home and fall asleep.....
i giggle and get ported bac home
i laugh and say ha u suck and get ported bac home
go away

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