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Which of my friends are you?
I'm sooooooooooo freaking bored

1. Someone starts yelling insults at you. What do you do?
Yell at them
Get offended but try not to turn it into a fight
Walk away like nothing happened
I have no idea
Ask them why they`re being mean or get a friend to protect you
insult them back and then run away crying
I would stop myself from doing something that I`m gonna regret and walk away.
Laugh a little at them for trying to make you feel bad by insulting you and walk away
Curse at them
Start a fight with them
2. What`s your favorite color?
I like cute colors like purple
Bright and cool colors like neons.
Pink or light blue
Purple or silver
Gold or neon green.
Whatever/I don`t care
3. What do you like to do in your free time?
Play video games
Play sports
Practice for plays and musicals
Do fun stuff like hang out with my friends and go to the beach
Dance to my favorite music with my friends
Watch T.V
I don`t know
Text my friends or go to the party that someone at your school is having
Mess around and do whatever
4. Where do you live? (or pick the closest one)
An apartment
A nice rental out house
A smallish house that doesn`t really have enough room for our family
A house right next to the beach.
In a house in a popular neighborhood
In a fairly big house that used to be smaller but it got redone
In a normal sized house.
In a house that`s a little small for the size of our family.
I`ve moved into a lot of different houses
I don`t really understand the question
5. What kinds of books do you read?
Book? Oh you mean a comic book right?
I`ll occasionally read a cool book if someone I trust tells me that it`s a good book.
I really liked Harry Potter and there some other one`s that I liked.
Anything that has to do with dragons but I`m more of a movie person
I might try to read a book that someone recommended, but I only sometimes find a book worth reading
I don`t read a lot, but I have a some books and I read for school.
Books well there cool. I wouldn`t call myself a huge reader though
Any kind of fiction I LOVE BOOKS
I dunno maybe a little bit of fiction.
I liked the Warrior Cat`s books
6. Random question: How many slices of pizza do you take?
Maybe 3
I`ll start with 1 or 2 then come back for more if I`m still hungry
2 and a bread stick
I don`t know I`ll just take 1 and a hour later probably have another then 2 hours later have 1 more
Just 2 or 3 I can always get more later
It depends on how hungry I am I might want 7 I might want 2
Just give me some pizza
7. What natural color is your hair?
Darkish brown
Dark brown
Mostly brown with a little bit of blonde
Normal brown
Brownish blonde
Bronze or Red head
Dirty blonde
8. Do you have a pet?
No my apartment wouldn`t allow it anyway
We had some fish but they died
No but I love dogs
Yes, more than one
I have 2 cats
I had a lot of pets but now I just have 2
A goldfish
It`s complicated
9. Male or Female
10. What`s your favorite animal?
probably a dog or something
Anything but big dogs.
I love dogs!!!
Owl or husky
arctic fox
11. What`s your favorite food
I don`t know
Anything that`s food
I`m allergic to a lot of things so I`m not really sure/I refuse to answer
Rainbow sherbet Ice cream
Soup plantation
Anything that has to do with bread
This is a dumb question
12. Who`s your favorite Marvel Avenger?
Iron Man
Captain America and Thor
What`s Marvel?
I`m not really a marvel fan
I haven`t watched them yet but I want to
I don`t know
Captain America
Thor,hawk eye, or hulk
None of the above

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