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My Fortune Telling Machine
I Will know your fotune that all i have to say.

1. Please Put Some Change In The Machine Please
50 Cents
20 Cents
1 Cent
2. I Will Ask You 5 Simple Questions Then I Will Give You Your Fortune Ticket.
Hurry Up
(Shakes Head Ok)
3. Ahem...Do You Have A Enemy?
Yes Madam Kylie
No Madam Kylie
4. Are You Any Of These...
Sk8ter boy
Mean Girl
5. How Do You Deal With A Problem?
Fight To The Death (Me ......)
Say Your Sorry If You Hurt Somone
6. What Do You Like To Do?
Play On Computer Games
7. Do You Have Dreams Of A Better World?
Yes But Not Often
No I Like It How It Is
8. (Weird Music Plays As Machine Prints Fortune Ticket)
do do doo do....

About This Quiz
Times Taken:8,237
Created on:1/30/2009 4:42:59 PM
Made by:revengegirl

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