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Which of my fave character are you ???

1. If you were to be an animated character where would you live??
With friends in a club house
with the one you love
where its not scary with people
With friends
in a place to jump as much as you want
2. If you were anythinq in the world how beautiful would you want people to see you as?
the pretty,cute ,inressistable!!!
the adorable,cute,creative
the cute ,scarycat
the cute ,hiper,annoyinq (sometimes)
the cute thinker,adorable problem solver
3. how old would you be?(???)
dont need cuz im the character that never ages
idk???i look really younq!
who cares im still lovinq
Mhm..my age...
wat!sorry im hunwyy
4. What would you be known for?
The most creative
the adorable mysterious /get away with thinqs
the one that gets afraid easeliii
The one that get in trouble(haha trouble maker!
the eater...umm delicious!
5. well hope you get somethinq that you didnt expect /wanted(hope you comment and rate!
ok thnxz!!=)
lalala kk thnxz so ....

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Created on:7/27/2009 4:08:13 PM
Made by:nely07

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