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Are you my dream guy? (Guys only)
Well are you?? (e)

1. What length is your hair?
down to the bottem of your ear
short short
past my earlobe
Middle of ear
2. Do you like animals?
Yes i love them!
only anime ones
sort of
They suck
3. If you thought that i looked pretty today would you tell me?
Like you would ever look pretty
it depends...
i only think anime girls are pretty
4. I`m blond, have blue eyes, glasses, my hair is to my waist, and i am average size. Do i sound attractive?
You are the girl of my dreams
you sound ugly
Glasses.... NERD
Eh i guess
You do sound pretty
5. do you like to read?
Yeseven textbooks
I prefer Anime
reading is for nerds
Only if i get to pick the book
6. What speed would you take the relationship at?
Super fast bring on the kissing
Whatever speed you want
7. would you be friends with my friends?
of course
why should i?
8. If we were walking to class and i tripped what would you do?
Catch you
Sit there and laugh at you
help pick up your books and help you up
9. Where would you take me on a first date?
picnic on the beach
dinner and a movie
My room ;-)
Mini golf and help you with your swing ;-)
10. What kind of movie would we go to on a date?
horror ;-)
11. If i was sad what would you do?
Let you cry on my shoulder
if it was about a guy i`d punch the guy
listen to the problem and try to help
say get over it
12. If i couldn`t make the dance would you slow dance with another girl if she asked you?
no that would be unfair to you
If she was hotter
only as a friend but i`d tell you about it
13. What sport do you play or which is your favorite
i hate sports
Cross country
14. Do you think i`m just desperate for making this quiz?
No otherwise i wouldn`t be taking it
Yea, why am i even taking it?
15. Are you funny?
Sort of
No i`m boring
Yes, yes i am
16. How often would i get to see you?
never i`d avoid you
At school and at lunch
I`d never leave your side
17. if i had a stray hair so to speak wat would you do?
twirl it around my finger then tuck it behind your ear
uh who cares
18. How old are you?
19. my hair is always soft...would you ever want to feel it ?
yes all the time
Every now and then
20. A b c d e f g.. gummy bears are chasing me, one is red, one is blue, the yellow one has my shoe...
hey thats random! awesome i`m randsom too!
you are weird
and now the green one has a knife and i`m running for my life
21. Would you make me do something i didn`t want to?
if that somthing was in my house
no of course not
22. on valentines what would you give me?
A stuffed animal
an anime book
chocalate rose
Why should i give you anything its just valentines day
A hug and a kiss
Shout out over the PA system
all of the above accept for options 5 and 3
23. If we were still together after collage how would you propose to me?
Take you to where we first met and propose
take you to a fancy restraunt and have the ring put into your food
Propose? to you? heck no!
I`d have to watch some anime for good ideas
On a beach, at sunset
24. Last question Will you rate or comment (doesnt affect score)
of course
yes i will rate it badly
25. I lied is that ok?
yea sorta
i guess
26. Where do you live ?
Not in the US
27. When and where would our first kiss be?
When i ask you out and you say yes
Whenever you want
On V-day
On your B-day
After a week of dating at the movies
28. What is your clique at school?
Popular but for the right reasons
29. I`ve never been kissed or had a bf before is that lame
if i`myour first on both i`ll be happy
You a loser
Neither have i so dont feel bad
30. Sorry this quiz was so long
no problem
i wasted so much time on this
its ok i dont mind i hope i get something good

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Created on:2/16/2008 3:58:33 PM
Made by:Violet_blue

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