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Which of my Dragons are You?
Five Dragons were sent as angelic gardians, which are you?

1. What is your special thing that makes you, you.
I`m a leader
I`m am wise
I`m always chipper
I`m strong
I`m always there for my friends
2. What do you do best
Plan things
Help those at what ever cost
I`m the back bone of this group
I always look at the bright side of life
I don`t get emotional attacthed
3. You see some one bleeding on the side of the road you...
go see what you can do to help
avoid the problem
go get some one to help them
Go over and cheer them up!!!
ummm what can I do?
4. Whats your fav color
5. How well do you text
Very badly
Y shd i care?
Okay although I`m not sure how relevent this is...

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Created on:12/20/2008 2:01:23 PM
Made by:ebony__wings

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