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Which of my closest friends are you most like  quiz. Are you mostly like Drake  Jennifer  Jessica  Jacob  or Lauren  Sorry there is no pics  the computer was being stupid Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Which of my closest friends are you most like?
Are you mostly like Drake, Jennifer, Jessica, Jacob, or Lauren? Sorry there is no pics, the computer was being stupid

1. What kind of person do you consider youself?
Open, very sweet, protective of friends and family, polite
Superstitious, strong, future successer, kind
Respectful, happy, social, smart
Athletic, genius, over-confident, loud
Creative, funny, adventerous, fast-runner
2. What do you look like in appearance (as close as possiable)?
Tall, muscled, black-haired, green eyed
Average height, sandy blonde hair, hazel eyes, average-weight
Short, black haired, brown eyes, flexable
Athletic, brown and blonde streaked hair, brown eyes, white smile
blonde hair, average height and weight, blue eyes
3. What would you choose to do?
Reading and relaxing
Watching T.V. and talking on phone
Socializing and dating
Sports and learning (weird huh?)
Writing and painting
4. Do you like watching horror movies?
I`m not a fan of it
I love it, especially vampires!
I`m not sure, i like sports better
Mostly, but not 100%
5. What`s you fav music?
Rock and Roll
Both country and fast-beat
Don`t know
6. Which would you choose to be when your older?
Police officer or a Doctor
Veternarian (sorry for spelling, if wrong)
Famous (actor/actress)
Hockey Player
Author (like me!)
7. How would you act, if someone broke into your house?
Are you kidding?! I`m out of here!
Someone pass me the gun
I`m hiding!
Paralized in fear
Try to escape very quietly
8. When are the most awake?
All day long
Very late
I`m always tired!
9. What are you best at?
Being social to everybody
Writing stories
Archery (sorry for spelling if wrong)
10. If you had $5000, what would you spend it on?
Clothes for sure!!!
Sports equipment
Donate to charities (sweet.. :) )
Bows and arrows
Books and anything that helps writing skills
11. How do you feel right now?
Go die...
Ready for action

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