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My anime life, and congratz your my new friend 2 =D
yayz 2! ^o^

1. I look at you. "Sarah take care of this kid! got it!?" A blonde haired girl looked up at me and smiled, sure ^_^ I then leave with that waving goodbye for now.
W-wait i dont even know these people, were are you going!?
^_^ um hello.
damn -_-
2. "where`d she go?" You asked, a light brown haired guy spoke up "she probably went to get food. "Eh, maybe she should of took me with her im hungry!" "take my food" a silver haired guy pushed his tray towards you. "white rice, and sushi"
oh thanks...
um i dont like sushi o.o (me: to bad xD)
oh sick dude! (me: ¬_¬ mew...)
3. What ever you choose, you said thank you sat down and ate the food. "So you new here?" The silver haired guy asked you flipping threw the pages of a thick hard cover book.
yup! im totally new and now i got new friends!
yeah im new. its awesome here, i like it here already!
yeah i am.
pfft! nerd! (mark: -_- you say something?)
4. "Well, hello Im Mark." The silver haired guy pointed to himself, I then appeared behind you. "Back!" =D
O_O Where`d you come from. (me: erm, mom and dad .-.) hi again.
Whoa, wtf?!?! O.o
What are you some kind of freak???
5. I have 2 cups of ramen in my hand. "Got you a snack." "Oh no thank you I already ate..." You explained. "oh." "I`ll take that ramen kisa." Mark put down his book and stuck out his hand towards me.
... ^_^
oh wow, so he gave me his food cuz he new kisa would bring ramen??
I love ramen!!! xD
so he gave me his crapy food for ramen? -_-
6. I give Mark the ramen and start eating mine once i get a seat towards you. "So, Mark as you were saying who are all you?" "oh right, Im Mark xD thats coby." He pointed to a light brown haired guy. "Thats sarah" he pointed the the blonde haired girl.
go on.
7. "And the dark brown haired boy right there, is Danny." ^_^ Mark ended smiling.
Oh o.o wow! thats so amazing! xD
cool. nice to meet you all.
who cares.
8. I slurped the last bit of my ramen, And stood up on the table getting everyones in range attention. I looked down at you and grinned. "Listen up! what I was talking about before.. "I have a feeling about you" I ment your perfect for my doing!"
O_O hm?
doing...? eh O_e
huh? o.o
your such an idiot get down off there!
9. "Uh...What do you mean?" you asked surprised. "You are gonna be in my life! my game life! meaning you are gonna be the star of my show! ^o^" I was dragged off the table by danny and coby "AHH!! O_O" and I was put down gently XD
man O_o you do what ever you please dont you?
geh, O_O are you ok...? (me: I was put down gently so yeah xD)
Finally your down! -_-
10. "A show? Im going to be the star?" "Hellz yeah! You are gonna be the star! Im making a movie to put on youtube so you have to be the star! your perfect!" I laughed.
^_^ wow thank you!
um...O_o why me? (me: dont ask questions!)
Oh that seems pretty cool.
Im in a movie? no way! im not doing that! (me: if you pick this you`ll be forced! xD)
11. "After school!" I pounded the table infront of you. "What?!?" You stepped back. "You have to stay here after school!" I grabbed your arm and led you out side.
where we going? O_O
hey, what are you doing??? =_=
Not this again -_- *looks back at the others* (me: they wont help you xD)
12. I stopped dragging you once we got to the middle of the school yard. "Here!" "Say again?" you were confused about all this. "Wait why do i have to come after school???" "Your the star remember?! We cant do anything without the star!" I waved my arms.
xD haha funny!
Why do i have to stay what about my parents?
what about my parents? (me: tell them its something for school!)
Im not going to stay! (me: to bad!)
13. "Um, Fine what ever i`ll stay! im kinda curious what this movie your making is about anyway!" You tightened your hands to a fist. "Thats perfect! I got the costumes and everything to!" "C-costumes?" I stood there grinning.
Oh wow! awesome! I get to wear costumes!
oh i have to?
No...please I dont want to wear costumes o.o (me: *evil giggle*)
No way! Crap I gotta get out of this school some how!!! (me: u can never escape xD) O_O
14. The bell for the lunch to be over and with that I dragged you off to 5th hour.
xD wweeeee!
um...T_T damn..
let me go!!! DX

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