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My anime life  and congratz your my new friend  D quiz. In this I show you parts of my anime life that is amazing and your gonna come on adventures with me xD Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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My anime life, and congratz your my new friend =D
In this I show you parts of my anime life that is amazing and your gonna come on adventures with me xD

1. Your new in my school and since you are new no one will talk to you until after about 2 days!
What!? O_O
oh how nice... -_-
What ever =_=
good ¬_¬
2. Your the first on in class, our science class, so you take a seat anywhere. as you wait you see people walking in but no one sits by you.
T-T WHAAAA POOR ME!!!! (me: calm down lil one o.o)
eh, this sucks I want to make a friend!
Who cares I dont like people anyway!
3. Then the teacher finally walks in "Good morning class, oh! we have a new student" The teacher looks over to you.
HI IM- (kids: shut up!) O_O heh, wow tuff crowd.
*scoots down in chair* help dont point me out Dx
....idiotic teacher!
4. "Hello you must be...___ nice to have you in my class" She gives you a reasure smile.
^_^ niceness!
oh thanks...
What ever.
5. Some Girl then runs into the class room, panting and holding her bag... "Sorry im late i missed the bus" o.o she says.
Oh! is she ok!? O_O
eh wow whats up with her??
hmm, some chick wow...
let me guess this "girl" is you? (me: correct! ^_^)
6. "kisa just hurry and take a seat." The teachers says pointing to the seat next to yours. "oh, ok." I take the seat next to you smiling to myself.
HI, my name is ___ its a pleasure to meet you ^_^ (me: =P same with you, and as you can see im kisa!
hey, whats up? (me: tired, whens school gonna end T-T) O_o it barely started.
hi. (me: why hello there XD)
argh...your to happy. (me: ¬_¬ well excuse me grouchy pants =P nya!)
7. We barely talk all period, but when the bell rings I leave for second hour so fast you didnt even notice i left xD
O_O magic..
wow where`d she go O_o
weird girl...
eh..good she left.
8. You then just walk into your 2nd hour, you then see me sitting by the window looking out at the sky.
hey! its you again! *goes sits by you* ^_^ (me: *daydreaming*)
hey, haha how weird mind if i sit with you? *sits anyways* thanks xD
oh? are you gonna be in all my classes? (me: possibly ^_^ xD)
oh joy *takes seat next to you*...-_-
9. I finally snap out of my daze and notice your next to me. "Are you in this class to?"
Yeah! isnt that awesome! =D (me: totally! ^_^)
yeah. cool, i made a new friend so why not sit next to you xD (me: hehe yayz!)
well, of course im in this class why else would i be here?! (me: O_o mew.)
what ever, girl just dont talk to me. -_- (me: mooooody ^_^ *day dreams again)
10. "Well, hi again..." I then look back out the window boredly.
O_o did I say something wrong?
um ok hi to you to ^_^ *draws in note book*
ok then... *faces forward and leans back in desk*
you dont seem really interested in talking to me -_-
11. It seemed we all got our classes together. xD After forth period you start packing your stuff up for lunch. I then get up and walk to you. "Hey." I say.
hi! =D
whats up?
12. You look up at me, and Im grinning. "Wanna hang out at lunch? I want you to meet some of my friends! plus i have a feeling a bout " =D
sure! =D i`d love to! (me: great! ^_^)
ok =P
feeling about me? whats that suppose to mean? (me: ^_^ just come with me to lunch!)
no. (me: T_T please?) no... -_- (T_T c`mon!) fine -_-"""
13. I then start dragging you to lunch. "eh stop dragging me!" I stop and stand in the middle of the lunch room with my arms crossed and looking around
What are you looking for? (me: some people) oh.
um...Why? (me: ^_^ just cuz!)
your a strange girl O_o (me: thanks!)
um...i agree with the one above me o.o
14. "There!" I point to a group of people at a table, I then grab your arm dragging you again. and I put you infront of me grinning! "I made a new friend!"
hi! nice to meet you all ^_^
*hides behind me* um hello...(me: no need to be shy ^o^)
15. The whole group of people say hi to you. you some what smile "Kisa dont tell me your gonna drag this poor kid into one of your games -_-" a brown haired boy said. "Im not danny!"
drag me into ^o^ oh yay! (me: xD you dont know whats coming! xD) O_O
O_o say again..?
o.o i have a bad feeling
-_- crap.

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