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What musical instrument do you like?
awesome pictures (e)

1. whats your favourite colour, sorry but its important
red, black
blue, green
pastel colours(baby blue- baby pink -baby green)
bright colours
a unique colour like mabye crimson or something
pink and purple
any colour is fine
silver and gold
2. whats your favourite song or favourite type of song(artist, song title, type)
rocky songs-fall out boy, my chemical romance,linkin park kayne west and stuff like that
big girls dont cry-fergie, apologize- timberland and one republic peaceful songs
pete murray, jack johnson, thirsty merc, the fray, maroon five
Delta goodrom songs
Shannon Noll
hillary duff, jewel, nelly fertado,
leona lewis-bleeding love, plain white t`s
dj`s i like songs that are dj-ed
dance dance revolution songs
3. whats your favourite scent
dont know, dont care
the ocean scent
an diffrent smell but a nice one too
roses and flowers
dont really know but food smells nice?!
i dont really know yet
coconut scent
4. this quiz took a long time to make, so will you comment and please rate??
no never i hate you
ok sure why not
yea whatever
i will if you didnt ask me to
okies sure i will, you rock!!

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Created on:1/13/2008 10:32:12 PM
Made by:dango_rox

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