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How much can you take of hanging out with me and my friends  quiz. my friend Thom Nonya made a similar quiz   but I kinda stole it and changed it dramatically   Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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How much can you take of hanging out with me and my friends?
my friend Thom Nonya made a similar quiz...but I kinda stole it and changed it dramatically...

1. You see a group of people going up and down escalators, what do you do?
Join them
Roll your eyes
Throw your shoe at them
Walk away
Watch them curiuosly
Flip them off
Punch a midget
Question them
2. What would you label yourself? (sorry, I dont like labels dat much either, they`re for soup cans)
Goth/ emo
Prep/ Man prep/ Jock
3. How does rolling down hills until vommiting is eventual sound?
AWESOME!!! *spins in circles of happiness*
sure, i was going to make myself vommit that day anyways.... (me: wtf) Thats just retarded.... and ga- *plane crashes into their house mysteriously*
I`ll tolerate it until 11:30....because then the sewer monsters and the pandas appear...
*is already rolling down a hill*
I throw rocks at the people who do that
Meh...depends on mood.... (me: how can you not be in a mood to roll down a hill???)
4. Can you tolerate stalkers?
Well....yea since me and my friends seem to be stalked on a regular day basis...
Stalkers are good target practice *holds up random gun*
Maybe for a little while...but Ill eventually get abnormally pissed about it....
I`ve never been stalked.... and I wouldn`t tolerate it I`d probably call the police or something...
Hell no....I`d definentely call someone
*is currently being stalked*
5. What kind of music do you like??? (because if you don`t like our music...its gonna be hard to hang out with us since its constantly on)
Rock (in general...deathmetal....punk...emo...goth, ect)
Rap, hip hop, pop, ect.
Everything but rap
Country (well, Thom likes country.....and i always roll around in pain when i listen 2 it)
Silly stuff (pyschostick, lemon demon, wierd al)
the hamspter dance *starts doing hampter dance*
I HATE music (me: you b**tard!!!!) *plane and hellicopters and cars crash into their house..somehow)

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Times Taken:721
Created on:7/16/2007 3:22:52 AM
Made by:iwant2dienow

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