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how much r u like me?
see if your kool like me... or not

1. what kind of music do you listen to?
rock/rap/hip hop/pop
anything and everything
your openminded about your music
old school rock
2. what do you do after school?
hang out with friends
go home and sleep
watch tv and eat junk food
wish you had a life
spend 6 hours on myspace
3. how many hours a day do you spend on this site?
half to maybe one hour
47 seconds
all day
4. how much tv do you watch in a day?
none, my parents banned tv from my house
whats a tv?
i only have internet
less than 1
more than 5
i dunno, i cant tell time
5. how much of a skater r u?
not much, just enough to get to school every day
i fall off before im even on
i despise skaters
im pretty good, cant do much tricks though
whats a skateboard?
my parents never let me out of the house
id rather sit on the couch and get fat
6. whats your fave junk food?
i only eat veggies and tofu
my parents dont allow junk food in my house
candy, lots of candy!!
i chew gum all the time
7. how much do you read?
only what they make me read in school
i read all the nutrition facts on all my food
reading is stupid
i have a life, no time for reading
i dunno how to read
all the time, i always have a book in my hand
only if im about to die of boredom
i wouldnt read for a million bucks
reading is for total geeks
8. how much time do you spend playing vid games?
vid games r evil
if i play them, i might become a homicidal maniac out to kill everyone... thats what my parents say
1 hour
2 hours
3 hours
just depends
my parents only allow ten minutes a day
9. what kind of vid games do you play?
totally gory
really peaceful and very tame
what r vid games?
whatever i can get my hands on
i dont play any
all types except sports
only sports
10. are your parents communists?
whats a communist?
sorta sometimes
i killed my parents
not even close
11. have you ever shoplifted?
once or twice...
whats that?
all the time, five finger discount is my middle name
12. last question Overall do you like your life?
no, i gonna go kill myself right now!! ahhh!
oh yeahh!
im a half-dead zombie out to ruin everyones life
i will never die(evil laugh) *breath in* (another laugh)
its alright but there r some things id change if i could
r we done yet??
i like pie!

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Created on:2/8/2008 10:00:55 AM
Made by:pacman6

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