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How much are you like me?
You will find out the similarity ratio to me.

1. What do you do in your spare time?
Watch the lightning, obviously!
Watch TV, do some work, those normal things.
Talk to my friend, hang out with them, etc.
Go to the mall, buy stuff, etc.
Deciding which clothes to wear on your date.
2. What is your opinion on lightning (the electric arc)?
It`s pretty cool...
It`s ok, fine, I don`t really care.
It`s strikingly odd. (me: yes, pun intended.)
I hate it.
I`m terrified!
............(you got hit by it once or more.....)
3. You are on a desolate street, when a boy you know comes out of nowhere and starts to tase you as a joke. How do you react?
"HEHE.... tingly. Again!", then punch the guy hard for tasing you in the first place.
Stare at him weirdly, then walk away.
Start screaming wildly, then kick him in the crotch.
"YIYIYIYIYIYIYI"- can`t say anything not able to speak or do anything.
Groan in pain and cry to your mama.
4. When do you go shopping?
I only go to Walmart, Publix, and stores like that. My mom buys my clothes.
Now and then.
Most of the time.
ASAP,ATT- (As soon as possible, all the time)
5. You are outside playing badmiton. You start to hear thunder. What do you do?
I stop playing, and take out a video recording device and watch the lightning outside.
Same as option one, except you are inside.
Go inside.
Start panicking, and go inside.
Go inside and lock yourself in a small closet-room far in the house.
6. What is you opinion on "IT"?
EWWWWWWW! Or what is "IT"?
It`s ok.
I like it.
I did "IT" last weekend.
7. What saying do you live by?
Act now, think later.
Let life run free.
Follow the crowd.
(song lyric) "If it feels good, do it, even if you shouldn`t!..."
8. Do you cuss?
My mouth is clean.
The occasional word does slip out.
A bit.
9. There is a kid in school zapping others using static electricity. How do you react in this situation?
Hehehe...I`m the one zapping them.
Zap them back. (ZAP FIGHT!)
Ignore it.
Tell them to stop.
Complain to the teacher(s).
10. What stereotype do you fit in?
Pervy (don`t ask why I put this option)
Teacher`s Pet
No type-you don`t fit into any group.
11. What would your friends describe mark you as?
The Crazy one
The Intellectual one
The Funny one
The Cool one
The Popular one.
The Pervy one
12. Job Preference (Choose Closest)?
Astronomy Field (Planetologist,Cometologists, etc.)
Psychic Ability Field (Palm Reading, Astrology, Meditation, Reiki, etc.)
Educational Field (Teacher, Proffessor, Instructor, etc.)
Extreme Sports Field (Skydiving,Hang Gliding, etc.)
Normal Sports Field (Football-American, Soccer, Lacrosse, Swimming, etc.)
Health Field (Doctor, Surgeon, Pharmacist, etc.)
Stuntman (varies- firebreather, cliff jumper)
Biologist (Botany,
Meteorologist/Technologist (EE, Climatology, etc.)
Extreme Weather Study (this is different from meteorology)- Storm chaser, keraunologist, etc.
Quantum Physicist (Atoms, Quarks, String Theory)
Engineer (Highly Varied)
13. Do you hate the people who ask to comment on the quizzes, especially those who say it counts against you?
Screw them. It`s annoying.
I dunno.
They`re OK.
I like it.
(In the words of Tony theTiger), They`rrrrrrrre Great!

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