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How much do you weigh? (For Girls Only) quiz. Let`s see if I can guess your weight by you taking this quiz. Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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How much do you weigh? (For Girls Only)
Let's see if I can guess your weight by you taking this quiz.

1. If you had a ham and cheese sandwich what would you most likely dress it with?
ham and cheese only
just mayo and mustard
light mayo or mustard and pickles
extra ham, extra cheese, extra mayo, etc.
heavy mayo only
2. How should rice be eaten to you?
with gravy
with butter
just plain with a little dash of salt
with cream of chicken, cream of mushroom, and butter
with tomato gravy
3. If you like seafood, how would you most likely eat it?
I don`t like seafood (no points)
fried shrimp with roostertail sauce
boiled shrimp with roostertail sauce
fried shrimp, fried fish, french fries, fried hush puppies
boiled shrimp only
boiled shrimp and baked fish
4. If you had the option to take one thing off of your hanburger what would it be?
5. What would you most likely order to drink at a restaurant?
regular soda with 2 or 3 free refills
diet soda
regular soda or sweet tea
sprite or unsweet tea
6. How do you believe a pregnant woman should eat?
everything she gets her hands on whether she`s craving it or not, she`s eating for two
just the things she`s craving the most
only from the basic food groups with a little dessert once in a while
only what is in the basic food groups and not give in to any cravings
just salad and vegetables so she can maintain her figure
7. If you decided to go for a run, how long do you think you`d last without getting tired and slowing down to just a slow-paced jog or just walking ?
15 minutes
30 minutes
10 minutes
1 minute
5 minutes
8. What is your ideal eating place?
fast food restaurant, gotta grab it and go
at home with a well prepared low-fat dinner
at a diner where I can choose salads and baked potatoes and stuff
at an all you can eat buffet style restaurant so I can keep going back to get more
at home where I`ll order take out so can`t go for seconds

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Created on:9/11/2009 11:06:15 AM
Made by:nickie701

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