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How much do you know Harry Potter?
I love Harry Potter, let see if other people do as well! (e)

1. What is Harry Potters Middle Name?
2. What is the name of Harry`s Parents?
James and Lily
Jack and Lily
Lillian and Daniel
3. Who is Hermione Granger?
Harry`s smart bestfriend *acts like an old prune at times*
His girlfriend
His crush
4. Who is Ronald Weasley?
A weasel?
Harry`s bestfriend *scaredy cat at times*
a boy who "likes" Harry
5. Is Draco Malfoy, Harry`s enemy yes or no?
don`t know don`t care
6. Who does Harry have a crush on?
Cho Chang
Hermione Granger
Menerva McGonigal
7. In the 7th book whom does Harry marry?
Ginny Weasely
Cho Chang
Hermione Granger
8. Whom is is godfather?
Alvus Dumbledore
Sirius Black
9. Who owned the invisablity cloak before Harry?
His dad James Potter
Alvus Dumbledore
10. What is Voldemorts full real name?
Tom Marvolo Riddle
Riddle Tom Marvolo
Ride Tome Marvolous
11. Last Question, What did Sirius give Harry?
A Firebolt broom
A feather
a wand

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Created on:12/6/2007 11:18:29 AM
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