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How much do you know about pokemon breeding?

1. Easy stuff first, WHERE do you breed pokemon?
in the bedroom BOW-CHIKA-WOW-WOW
At the daycare
At the pokemon center
You can`t breed pokemon, duh
At the pokemon league
At your house
At the pokemart
At the pokemon lab
2. When you breed pokemon, what do you get?
A baby pokemon!
A pregnant pokemon!
3. How do you get volt tackle on a pichu?
breed 2 pikachu/raichu
breed 2 pikachu/raichu that know volt tackle
breed 2 pikachu/raichu, but one is holding a light ball
breed 2 pichus holding a light ball
you can`t get a pichu with volt tackle! you have to level up pikachu.
4. True or false, baby pokemon can breed.
5. Which of these can breed?
6. True or false, ditto can breed with any pokemon.
No, it can only breed with other dittos
with the esception of babies and most legendaries
7. rue or false? You can only breed pokemon that are the same species.
8. What is it called when a pokemon knows a move when it hatches that it couldn`t learn normally?
abnormal moves
glitch moves
egg moves
baby moves
9. When you breed 2 different pokemon, what hatches from the egg?
You can`t breed 2 different pokemon
whatever the male was
whatever the female was
a mix between the male and female
nothing, pokemon don`t come from eggs
one of each pokemon that was used
10. If you breed shinies, do you get a shiny?
every time! :D
no, you can`t hatch shinies
what`s a shiny?
there`s a possibility, but it`s very low
50-50 chance
you can`t breed shinies
11. what will help eggs hatch faster?
running really fast/riding a bike.
going in and out of a pokemon center, it`s a glitch :D
having pokemon with magma armor or flame body in your party with them
having a party full of eggs
entering a pokemon contest
12. which of these is a possible breeding pair?
Absol and dragonite
riolu and lucario
hitmonchan and hitmonlee
kangaskan and kangaskan
milotic and bagon
13. how many steps does it take to hatch an egg?
depends on the pokemon you used
a bajillion
14. What are the chances of getting a male or female out of an egg?
50% male, 50%female
75% male 75% Female
depends on the pokemon
100% male
pokemon don`t have genders, dumb***.
15. what color are eggs?(in games)
white with green spots
yellow with pink spots
depends on the pokemon
white with purple spots
there are no pokemon eggs!
white with red and white triangles!

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