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How much do you know about me?
hope you like this!! (e)

1. whats my favourite colour??
yellow and all kinds of bright colours
dark and gloomy colours
calmy colours like blue and so on
pastels (baby blue, baby green and so on)
2. what do i like the best beginng with a D
ducks (not the normal ones the cute rubber duckies you find in your bath...... Rubber Duckies!!)
3. do i like cute stuff??
yes definately
no of course not
kind of
4. do i like dango??
yes you of course!!! you totally love it
no way you hate it
not the best thing ever
5. Do you like rubber duckies??
not really not the best thing ever
yes yes yes, you adore it!!
you hate it
6. who`s my best best friend ever??
Niki, bottom left
Lana, bottom right
Marianne, top left
Joan, top right
7. whats my name??
8. whats my favourite saying??
Gao Gao Gao and other wierd sounds teheheheheehehheheh
"I am soo bored"
i hate dango and cute stuff
okies and cyas and byebyes
9. promise to rate and comment?? sorry but looks like you havent got a choice this will be counted bu never mind you can just fake it dosent matter =)
yes sur i will you are awesome
nope, cant be stuffed
nope sorry i dont really like you

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Created on:1/16/2008 4:21:14 AM
Made by:dango_rox

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