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How Much Do You Know About Joe Jonas?
Quiz all about JOE! (e)

1. What is his nickname?
Happy Bear
Muffin Man
2. He really likes colorful______.
3. He has a huge crush on__________.
Alyson Michalka
Emma Watson
Tyra Banks
Rachel McAdams
Olesya Rulin
4. He hates going out to eat and the girl...
Orders something really expensive and doesn`t offer to pay half.
Flirts with the waiter.
Doesn`t say thanks for dinner.
Doesn`t eat.
5. His favorite sunglasses are what type?
Really big and round
6. He hates it when a girl...
Puts up pictures of them on myspace after one date.
Doesn`t show up at a concert when she said she would.
Cancels a date an hour before.
Is better at something than him.
7. One of his favorite movies is...
Scary Movie 3
The Ring
Four Feathers
Jesus Christ Superstar
8. He likes the band...
Dawson Falls
3 Days Grace
Thirsty Merc
Senses Fail
Unwritten Law
9. The first thing he`d save from a burning house?
His make up and hair straightener.
His guitar.
All the clothes he could grab.
Nothing, he`d just run!
10. What`s his favorite kind of ice cream?
Cookie dough
Chocolate marshmellow

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