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How much do you know about Josie and the Pussycats TV show  quiz. How much do you know about the TV show  The one from       Not the movie  not the comic Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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How much do you know about Josie and the Pussycats TV show?
How much do you know about the TV show? The one from 1970. Not the movie, not the comic!

1. In which episode does the villan turn into a frog?
A villan turns into a frog?
Don`t Count on a Countess
Plateau of the Apes Plot
All Wong in Homg Kong
2. What is the name of the villan in "All Wong in Hong Kong"?
The Serpent
The Scorpion
Captain Nemo
Dr. Greenthumb
3. Where is the concert held at in the episode "The Great Pussycat Chase"? (Hint: This is the episode with The Shadow)
The North Pole
4. Why did Josie and the Pussycats enter a cargo plane in "A Greenthumb is Not a Goldfinger"?
Alexandria tricked Josie into the wrong plane, and everybody else followed.
This is a trick question. They never do.
Melody chose the wrong plane.
Dr. Greenthumb tricked them into the wrong plane so that he could test his plants on them.
5. What does Midas plan to do in "The Midas Mix Up"?
Dystroy all plant life on Earth.
Dystroy all the gold in the world.
Turn everyone into apes.
6. In which episode does Melody go onto a TV show?
X Marks the Spot
Strangemoon Over Miami
The Melody Memory Mix-Up
Spy School Spoof
7. In which episode is a villan surprised by an inflatable raft popping out of a box?
Spy School Spoof
The Nemo`s a No-No Affair
Josie Saves the Day
Never Mind Master Mind
8. Which villan hypnotizes Melody?
Master Mind
Invisible Mr. X
Evil Eye
9. Who in the group is a coward?
Alexandar Cabot III
Alan M.
10. What does Alexandria`s potion do to Alexandar Cabot III in "Don`t Count on a Countess"?
It makes him old.
It makes him transparent.
It makes him brave.
It makes him a chicken. (The animal!)
11. In what episode is a village forced to work in a diamond mine?
Strangemoon Over Miami
The Jumpin` Jupiter Affair
The Melody Memory Mix-Up
Never Mind Master Mind
12. Which of the following phrases is NOT in the Josie and the Pussycats theme song?
No time for purrs and pats
C`mon watch the good guys win
Guitars and Sharps and Flats
We could be an artist, off the chance

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