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How much do you know about Halo: Combat Evolved for PC?
tell me what you got (e)

1. which wep is best to kill a large group of grunts
plasma pistol/rifle
rocket launcher
assault rifle
2. you are in the lvl where cortana tells you that the blue ball thingy isnt an ally. then the sentinels start attacking you what do you do?
open the door you came in from and make a run for it
stick one of the sentinels
fight them with plasma pistol/rifle
fight them with shotgun
3. your fighting a hunter and it charges you what do you do?
get the hell outta here!!!!!!
use that rocket launcher you stored away
finish it off with pistol
finsh it off with plasma pistol/rifle
stick it
4. an elite is staring at a crate how do you kill it?
attack using assault rifle
whack him from behind
stick him with plasma or throw frag
jump up and whack him
attack using plasma pistol/rifle
atttack using headshots with the pistol
5. a large group of flood is heading out of a door towards you. what do you do?
attak with assualt rifle
attack using plasma weps
throw a grenade
attack with pistol
6. which wepon is best for large group of spores
plasma weps
assault rifle
7. there is a large group of jackals and they see you. you duck behind a rock. after a little while, you move out form behind the rock what do you do?
attack with plasma weps
try sticking one of them
throw a frag
attack with assault rifle
attack with pistol, aiming for the vulnerable spot
8. about 5 carriers are charging you. you are cornered. what do you do?
run towards them and jump over them
franticsally shoot with assault rifle/plasma weps
throw a grenade
9. a banshee is flying overhead. the flood have taken off some health with their weps but you killed them(the flood). how do you kill the banshee?
stick it
throw a frag so it blows up when the banshee is near it
use gun target thingy
shoot it down with rocket launcher or plasma weps
shoot it down with pistol/assault rifle
10. you ran outta ammo and jackals are up ahead. there are some dead grunts by you. which wep do you get?
plasma pistol
plasma grenade
11. your health is low and an elite is ahead. you`re out of grenades. the checkpoint was WAYY back. what do you do?
make a beeline for the grunt that just died and take its fuel rod
backtrack and look for health pack
charge it
12. sorry for all of those questions this is the last one. how many hours of halo do you play each day?
once in a blue moom
30min or less

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