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How Much do you know about Doctor Who? quiz. How much do you know?

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How Much do you know about Doctor Who?
How much do you know? (e)

1. In the Episode `BLINK` who are the main charactors
The Doctor and Martha
The Doctor and Rose
Elton and Ursala
Larry Nightingale and Sally Sparrow
Sally Sparrow and Kathy Nightingale
Larry and Kathy Nightingale
The Doctor and Sally
The Doctor and Kathy
The Doctor and Larry
The Doctor and Billy Shipton
2. Which Enemys were brung back, and in what order
Cybermen Master and Daleks
Cybermen Macra Master Daleks
Macra Daleks Autons Master Cybermen
Autons Daleks Cybermen Macra Master
Master Cybermen Daleks
Daleks master and cybermen
Yeti, the terrible aZodin and Zarbi
Autons Daleks Robot Azal Rani
3. Why does the Master go to earth in Sound of Drums?
He wanted to be Prime minister
The Toclofane made him
To escape the Futurekind
To trap the Doctor with Futerekind
The Doctor locks the tardis only to go to Malcassiaro and Back
The Tardis console blew, his finger slipped
The Console blew, and atcivated an emergancy teleport to earth
To help the Autons in Rose
4. The Doctor Said that he would kn ow if there was another timelord, there weren`t, but...
He was on earth at the same time as another. nine times
He was Wrong
The chameleon arch DUH!!!
look at the last title LAST OF THE TIMELORDS so he is!
5. What Crashed into the tardis in `LAST OF THE TIMELORDS`
The Valiant
The Mary Cestelle
The Masters Tardis
A Giant Shoe
A Lifering
6. Who is Mr. Saxon?
who cares, just `VOTE SAXON!"
John Lumic
The Face Boe
Cpt. Jack
The Master
The Meddling Monk
The Rani
The Last Doctor
The Dalek Sec Hybrid
7. What is the Doctors Real Name
No-one knows
John Smith
8. Who are the Toclafone?
That Creet Kid
The Utopians
The Malmooth

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