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How much do you know about "Avatar the Last Airbender" show?
the title explains it (e)

1. Where was Aang born?
northern air temple
southern air temple
western air temple
eastern air temple
2. Who started the war?
3. What is a fire-bending fight called?
Magi ry
Wra gra
Agi pi
Frago Liy
Agni Kai
Diha yi
Magami ja
Loi mil
Liy dye
Aisda Byi
4. Who was/is Ursa?
Fire bender
Maid of a water tribe
Earth bender
sister of Zuko
daughter of Kanna
Water bender
warrior of the Earth Kingdom
Aang`s sister
5. Who is Wan Shi Tong?
a fire bender
a water bender
a wise man
an airbender
a spirit
an earth bender
a general
a pirate
friend of the gang
a traveller
6. What is the "FBI" of Ba Sing Se?
Pin hi
Wre Hun
Fai Jai
Li kui
Dai Li
Ort reje
Iad Jih
Bong fron
Az fri
Mun kij
7. What was Omashu renamed?
New Fire nation
New Azula
New Zuko
New Iroh
New Azulon
New Sozin
New Ozai
New Roku
New Lu Ten
New Mai
8. Which temple was Aang meant to finish his training at?
Southern Air Temple
Western Air temple
Northern Air Temple
Eastern Air Temple
9. Which nation has the largest land area?
Water Tribe
Fire Nation
Earth Kingdom
Air Nomads
none. They are all equal.
10. What is Avatar The last Airbender also called in some other countries?
Avatar The Last Hope
Avatar The Last Stand
Avatar Fire Nation Threat
Avatar The Legend of Aang
Avatar The World`s Defense
Avatar Airbending Master
Aang The Avatar

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