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How much do you hate your enemy?
How much can you hate them

1. Pick a color:
Black everything.
White. It's the most pure.
......Nothing. I just hate.
2. What would you do if your enemy pushed you?
Leave it be.
Bump into them.
Just grumble A LOT!
Give them a death stare.
Try to get them in trouble.
Push back.
Knock their tray out of their hands.
Push them back HARD!
3. They call you an Idiot. What do you do?
Just leave it BE!
Mumble about how smart you are.
Grumble about it A LOT!
Pretend to strangle them.
Cuss under your breath.
Hope they die a slow and painful death.
Try to drive them over while they're going home.
4. They call you and your friends little bitches:
....They`re just jealous.
.........Just forget it.
Cuss under your breath the WHOLE TIME!
Imagine killing them.
Kill them, then throw away their heart (if they have one).
5. You have to sit next to them.
Just ignore them.
.......Don`t even talk.
Ask for a different seat.
Say how much you hope they die.
Imagine how they'd die.
Imagine seeing them crying and bleeding.
See their gave and give a happy dance.
6. You're their boo, what do you do?
I don`t do anything, just treat them the same.
Still don`t care.
I can live.
Have 1 dollar off their paycheck.
Treat them like poop.
Give them the worst partner.
Run them over.
Run them over several times.

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