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What movie villain are you?
Title says it all. (e)

1. How would you take over the world?
I`d build some sort of doomsday device.
I`d buy my way into a position in which I could take over the world.
I`d get my army and kill all of my eneimies!!
Get the biggest and baddest weapons of course.
2. What would you say is the best quality to have?
A lot of money.
Striking fear into my enemies.
Tons of troops to do my bidding.
3. You captured one of your eneimes what do you do now?
Either make him my slave or kill him.
Get any infomation out of him/her then kill them.
Get him to work for me.
Use him to my advantage and then when hes useless kill him.
Put him into some sorta death trap..........
4. Weapon of choice?
Whatever works best.
Swords, guns, explosives.....it dosent matter!
My fists
5. Your men are...........
Well paid.
Loyal but mindless.
Plentlyfull and do what there told.
Stupid and useless........what can you do.
6. Best way to defeat your enemie is what?
To outwit them and then laugh in thier faces.
Set a trap and wait for them.
To use my supreamly beeter skills and kill `em.
Blow them up!
Shot them in the head?

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